Welcome to Quilt-Crazy.com!  My name is Cheryl Martel and I am a quilter.  I began quilting over 32 years ago, before the invention of rotary cutters and rulers.  Over the years as tools evolved so have I.  I started out making simple quilts.  As my skills improved I ventured into more complicated patterns. I also started teaching quilting.  I wanted to pass on the love of quilting and help people realize their dream of making a beautiful quilt.  

Around 2011 I saw a class advertised for a gorgeous quilt, Bali Wedding Star.  At that point I had only done the most basic paper piecing and I wasn’t excited about it.  But I decided to give it a try.  I had never heard of Judy Niemeyer.  But after that class I was hooked.  Judy’s patterns are well written and easy to follow.  

Several years ago I decided I wanted to teach Judy’s techniques to others who expressed an interest in the stunning quilts they saw but thought they didn’t have the skills to make.  It was then I decided to pursue becoming a Quiltworx certified instructor.  

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